McDonald’s Malaysia continues its annual tradition of spreading Chinese New Year cheer to senior citizens in a contact-free manner

McDonald's Malaysia continues its annual tradition of reaching out to senior citizens at old folks’ homes nationwide in conjunction with the ushering in of the Year of the OxIn the spirit of showcasing the ‘True Meaning of Prosperity’ while adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs), the company is sponsoring food to be delivered to old folks' homes located within the proximity ofMcDonald’s restaurants, throughout the month of February 2021. 


Since this initiative was first introduced in 2017it has been our company’s tradition to celebrate with senior citizens at these homes during Chinese New Year. While previous years saw our restaurant crew members spending quality time with the elderly - sprucing up the space in time to usher in the New Year and then participating in the Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang with them, we had to do things a little bit differently this yeardue to the Movement Control Order (MCO), in adherence to the COVID-19 safety SOPs.

AzmirJaafar, Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, McDonald’s Malaysia.

Despite Chinese New Year being a relatively quiet one for the nation this year, we still wanted to continue the tradition of engaging with the elderly during this special time of the year, albeit at a smaller scaleFor a number of residents at these homes, this would be the first time that they will not be able to celebrate with their family members and loved ones. We hope that our efforts will help to spread the festive cheer and continue to keep everyone connected one way or anotheradded.

Additionally, in the spirit of togetherness, staff at McDonald’s Malaysia headquarters came together to raise funds for eight old folks’ homes in the Klang Valley. The funds will be used to stock up on daily necessities and household items at these homes.


This initiative that McDonald’s Malaysia embarked onfive years ago is in line with McDonald’s belief in the true meaning of Prosperity, which emphasises on the value that relationships with our loved ones bringbeyond material wealthThis initiative also underscores the importance of care and respect for the elderly.

Engaging the community during festive seasons underscores McDonald’s commitment in creating positive impact in society. Last year alone, more than7,000 community programmes were initiated by McDonald’s that brought joy to the lives of millions of Malaysians. Some of these nationwide initiatives include food sponsorship for hospitals, personal protection equipment sponsorship for frontliners, COVID-19 prevention messages sponsorship for schools, Anugerah Guru Inspirasi to celebrate teachers, as well as many other restaurant-led activities that were carried out throughout the year. 


The McDonald’s Malaysia’s Chinese New Year 2021 video can be viewed here:

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