Happy Newly Married - Part Two

The Groom's side have to pay toll fees to the Bride's side in order to get a permission to enter into the Bride's house (toll fees depending on how many people blocking along his way to the bride...imagine if more than 100 of people...Fuhhh...boleh bankrupt pakcik...)

Performing 'silat' as one of the culture for the Malays wedding ceremony

'Tepung Tawar' also one of the culture

Kids performing Zapin ( i think this culture is only in Johor)

It's time for a chauffeur to fetch the groom up again to his bride's house for 'Persandingan' ceremony. Drove him about 2.30 pm direct to his bride's house and this time i came back early without the groom. You know why? Tonite will be his first night with his wife.....heheheee (:p)

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