School Time

Ready to go to religion school in the afternoon

saying goodbye to his mom, then he has to walk alone to his class. 

His primary school

Still sleepy...can't open his eyes wider

"Bye abang..."

Mom helps him to put his shoes on

Starting on January 3, 2006, Anteng goes to school. We have to wake up a little bit early in the morning and get prepared. So does Eja. His primary school will starts from 7.10 am until 1.15 pm while his religion school from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm. According to his tight schedule, mine is also being abraded. Sending him off to his primary school by 7.00 am, fetching him up at 1.15 pm, and then sending him home. Then fetch him up again from home to his religion school at 3.00 pm before taking him back from school at 5.00 pm everyday accept Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. While his Kumon classes are from 6.00 pm to 7.15 pm every Monday and Thursday. Fuhhhh...!!!!

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