Merasa Gak Aku Jadi Hakim...

about ten minutes was given to each candidate for showing their ability to be a tour guide
souvenirs from Johor, selling under the sun Tour Guide candidate is doing his examination in the coach Istana Besar Johor
These two ladies are from the Johor Tourist Guide AssociationThese two Japanese ladies are examiners like myself
Received an invitation from the Malaysia Tourism Ministry and the Johor Tourist Guide Association for being one of the three judges for local Tourist Guides to get their licenses in doing Japanese Tour Guide. I was with two Japanese ladies to be examiners. Am I qualified as a judge? Well, me dunno either...but what I know is, my marks which I gave to them will make them qualify to be Japanese Tour Guides or else. (Rasa macam orang berkuasa jek...kwang, kwang, kwang...)

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