McCormick Spices Up Product Range

Malaysians across the nation will be seeing a familiar-yet-fresh face on their spice racks as McCormick, the world’s leading herbs and spices manufacturer, injects a dash of zest into its range of products with an enticing and trendy new look.

With an updated logo sporting attractive colours, consumers will now be able to quickly spot their favourite McCormick products on the shelves. Be it herbs, spices or seasonings, consumers can easily choose what they need, thanks to the addition of contemporary imagery as well as new colour codes of green, red and orange respectively for each product category.

McCormick's trendy new packaging for its herbs, spices and seasonings lives up to the brand's promise of bringing consumers fresh, delicious flavors in every dish

Looking for inspiration while cooking? The new labels come with a variety of suggestions and ideas on how to use each product, whether to use it on a specific ingredient, pair it with another McCormick product, or add it in a beloved dish.

McCormick's Garlic Powder

Mohan Alagappar, General Manager of GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd, exclusive distributor for McCormick said, “As experts in herbs and spices, McCormick takes pride in understanding our consumers and knowing what they want. Our new look is designed to be cleaner and more eye-catching, with larger product names and clear information for our consumers’ convenience. Most importantly, this revitalised packaging continues to reflect our brand promise to add fresh, delicious flavour to every meal.”

McCormick's Chili Flakes
McCormick's Cinnamon Ground
Many McCormick products are already sporting their new and improved packaging, including popular ranges such as Black Pepper Cracked, Oregano Leaves, Paprika Ground, Mixed Herb, Chili Flakes and more, available at major retail outlets as well as supermarkets nationwide.

Learn more about McCormick herbs and spices or check out recipe ideas at

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  1. botol2 rempah nih mmg comel letak kat dapo. tp tu lah.. masaknya jarang2. hehehhe..

  2. Bagusnya siap ada suggestion untuk guna rempah2 ni dekat menu mana yang sesuai

  3. garlic powder tu best....bley tambah selesa makan

  4. Memang best ni. Haida wajib restock kalau habis. Terutama garlic dan chilic flakes

  5. Mula ingat apalaa, dah baca sepenuhnya baru perasan rupanya rempah ini..
    Sis selalu guna yang lada serbuk dia tu haaa..tu pun ada jenis masakan aja...

  6. Bila ada baru macam ni, cantik je letak dapor..dahla dapor kita memang semua bekas hijau..ngam sanagt..hehe..ank cari nanti

  7. Tak pernah try produk ni nanti boleh cari kat pasaraya ni..

  8. husband selalu beli rempah untuk marinate ayam dari jenama ni

  9. Dah siap botol-botol macam ni senang. Tak payah nak isi dalam bekas lagi.