#ShopeeDeliversLove Continues The Tradition of Gratitude to Their Delivery Partners This Ramadan


#ShopeeDeliversLove, a campaign by Shopee to show gratitude to their delivery riders and partners, returned this Ramadan . The campaign took place from 11 April - 22 April whereby Shopee and ShopeeFood delivery riders were able to pick up their buka puasa meals from select Shopee Delivery Hubs.

Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development for ShopeeFood Malaysia commented, 

We want to ensure our riders can berbuka puasa comfortably while on the job. Riders are valued partners as they help us support the digitisation of the F&B industry in Malaysia. During Ramadan, some riders have to make changes to their delivery schedules. We hope this gesture helps them during this time and let our riders and delivery partners know that they are valued.

To learn first-hand from ShopeeFood rider about his experience, we spoke to Ahmad Fikri Tajuddin, a 28 year old from Ampang. “I have been with ShopeeFood for over a year and this is my first Ramadan as a food delivery rider. I chose to be a food delivery rider over other jobs during the pandemic because as a rider I have the freedom and flexibility to plan my working hours. For example, in order to celebrate Hari Raya this year, I am able to plan for more deliveries and extra working hours to earn more for Hari Raya.

Ahmad Fikri Tajuddin, ShopeeFood Rider

On whether there are additional challenges when delivering food during Ramadan, Fikri said, “Delivering food during Ramadan has similar challenges as on normal days. The challenging Malaysian weather, traffic congestion as well as poor road conditions such as potholes, debris and missing road signs are among the challenges we face daily as a delivery food rider.” Fikri added, so far there are no major hurdles when it comes to completing his deliveries but fulfilling an order in bad weather is a bit challenging as riders have to be extra careful on the road.

To ensure that he has time to buka puasa while completing orders, Fikri plans his schedules and prepares food from home. “During Ramadan I changed up my routine a bit so I have sufficient time to take breaks in between deliveries. I also allocated some time for buka puasa by bringing my own drink and snacks such as bread. If there are no deliveries by 6:30pm, I will stop for buka puasa first before continuing with deliveries,”

Commenting on #ShopeeDeliversLove, Fikri is appreciative of the gesture. “As riders are usually on the move, the packed food will help us to focus on our deliveries and buka puasa on time.”

Additionally, users are also in for a treat when they buy Domino’s Pizza from 12 April - 12 June, pizza fans can purchase a personal sized Domino’s pizza for RM5 in-store with ShopeePay as a payment method. For every personal pizza purchase, users are entitled to a RM1 cashback from ShopeePay.

For users ordering on Domino’s Pizza website, they can get a Large Domino’s Pizza for only RM20.90. To redeem the special price, purchase the RM1 Sen voucher from ShopeePay on the app and redeem the code during checkout at Domino’s Pizza website. Successful purchases will entitle users a RM1.10 cashback when they pay using ShopeePay.

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