KUMON Learning Method

Anteng does a test while my wife and I listening to what the Principal says

Suggested by our neighbor to send Anteng to Kumon was the good idea we hope. Then we decided to attend the briefing about it in order to get more information how this Kumon exactly do. It is a self learning actually. They teach student how to learn by themselves. Only 2 subjects in Kumon classes, Mathematics and English Language. It costs RM 120.00 each. The Principal gave a test to Anteng to see in which level he is. He should answer all 100 questions correctly in five minutes. Fuhh!!! I guess i'm not capable either. Finally, Anteng gave his best shot, not in five minutes but seven. We think it was great but the Principal said he still not good enough. HAAA???!!! "You know why?", she said. There are few student one and two years old younger then he is can do better then he was. Now our mouth getting wider and wider.

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