A Very Shocked News

Landed at Senai Airport by 3.30 pm and office's driver took me from the airport sending me home. When I almost get there, I've received an sms from my friend telling me that his mom which is my adopted mother passed away 3 hours ago. I quite shocked and felt very sad. Its been so long not seeing her. Put my luggages, met my kids for a while then changed my shirt and drove to the morgue to see her, I mean her body. Unfortunately, I only saw the van took the body away to her hometown for her funeral. Only her children left and I met them at the morgue then I got the true story what was happened to her actually. She had a heart attacked just because of her diabetic problem. I never knew about this but what to do. It already happened. Mom...may u rest in peace....al-Fatihah.

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