Koleksi Gambar Raya 2006

Anteng and Eja with Pak Ngah and his family
Anteng and his Grandfather from my side
Anteng with his uncle from wife side
Eja and her uncle
Anteng and his Grandmother from wife side
Eja and her grandmother
Anteng and his grandparents from my sideEja with her grandparents wife with her parents in-lawmy beloved parents
wife and her step-mom
wife and her elder sisterwife, eja and bibik
mmmmuaahhh...!!!(like eja always did)
pandai dah anak-anak aku mintak maaf...alhamdulillahmmmuaahhhss!!!(tengoklah eja tu, cekak pinggang lagi...)
bibiks my beloved family
family potraits from wife side
The first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri for this year was celebrated at my wife side. From night till morning we were at this house. In the afternoon, we went to my parents house to celebrate with them and stayed at their house. So, there was no 'gaduh-gaduh' to pick where to celebrate and where to stay with. Both parents were received visiting from us equally. It will be swap for the next Hari Raya. (Itulah untungnya rumah family dekat-dekat...)

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