Sambutan TMM 2007 di Tanjung Puteri

lu jangan nakal-nakal...nanti i korek idung baru tau!
our new GM
from French Fries...ehh salah...France
Tourist from FranceTourist from Japan "youkoso"
Tourists from Korea
Tourist from India, "naluaruv"
Chairman of Johor State TourismBidayuh costume...err...i guess
Tourist Guide and Tourist Police officerChairman of Goodies Bag...ehh abang SASA rupanya...Customs Officer
elelele...comelnyer dia duduk atas tu!
lady in pinkportugese
auummm....nyum nyum nyuuumm
This was the second time we did for 'Sambutan Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007' and it was held at Tanjung Puteri Checkpoint, Johor Bahru. It was officially launched by The Chairman of Johor State Tourism Committee, YB Mr. Freddie Long.

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