Best Smart Home Technology 2019

Are you looking for property in Malaysia? Whether it is for investment purpose or own stay, having a property of your own is still a good investment. There are manu properties for sale, ranging from bungalow houses, terrace houses, condominiums and so on. More people are renovating their homes into a smart home as well. Shopping for smart home gadgets in 2019 is much easier as compared to few years ago. More brands such as Philips, Samsung, Nest and so on are now offering a variety of excellent smart home gadgets, ranging from lights, to blinds. This article will guide you through some of the best smart home technology in 2019.

1.      Best Smart Home Hub: Amazon Echo

Amazon is the pioneer of smart home revolution with its Amazon Echo, a talking speaker that has inspired products from Google, Samsung, Apple and other brands. The Amazon Echo is a simple device that is easy to use. This Amazon Echo remains the top for smart home speaker as you get thousands of voice commands and compatibility with other gadgets. The voice recognition of Amazon Echo is fantastic as well where you are able to control almost everything with just your voice.

2.      Best One-Box Kit: Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit covers a host of devices and sensors, and it works pretty well with other third party kit as well. This Samsung SmartThing Start Kit comes with a hub that connects everything, smart plug and 3 sensors with varying descriptions. It is fairly easy to add other gears as well. For example, this kit can help you to control your Lifx lights or Philips Hue.

3.      Best Smart Thermostat: Nest Learning Thermostat

This Nest Learning Thermostat works seamlessly with all other Nest devices, such as the Nest security cameras or Nest Protect. In addition, you can also connect other smart home gadgets from other manufacturers as well. The thermostat works well with a range of heating systems and boilers, and it is easy to operate.

Key selling point of the Nest Learning Thermostat is the intelligence is built into the thermostat, where it will gradually learn about your preferred heating schedule, your family’s activities, saving you from your energy or electricity bills.

4.      Best Color Bulb: Philips Hue

The famous Philips Hue has been famous with smart lighting for years. The Philips Hue lighting range has evolved over the years into an awesome presence in the smart home scene. The recent revamped app has added more functions and features, as well as improved usability. The Philips Hue LED bulbs come in different shapes and sizes for different household lighting need.

5.      Best Multi Room Audio: SONOS One

The Sonos One is an amazing product for music fans as it delivers excellent sound quality with great design and amazing integrated Alexa voice control. This Sonos One has a great design, excellent sound quality, great voice control, great Alexa integration, seamless multi room audio, and compatible with more than 80 music services, from iTunes to Spotify. You can have the ease of having the music follow you around your house as you move.

6.      Best Temperature Sensor: Netatmo Weather Station

If you are looking for a great weather monitoring kit that connects your smartphone and Wi-Fi, the Netatmo Weather Station will be the one that offers everything you need. The starter set incudes an outdoor and indoor unit, where both are capable in monitoring the temperature, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure, sound pollution, and so on. This gadget also allows you to learn a thing or two on the conditions of your local environment.

You could also analyze the data on the Netatmo mobile app or desktop app, in the form of graphs.

7.      Best Large Appliance: Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub is a big fridge freezer with 21.5” touch panel on the door. The panel controls the refrigerator’s function, such as setting the temperature zones. It also allows you to do everything that you usually do with a tablet – browse the Internet, stream music, watch Youtube videos, and so on. You can also use the front panel to leave notes for your family members, jot down notes or shopping lists and so on. You can even have the access of the weather or check on the calendar. There is also an internal camera where you can see what is inside of the refrigerator. This allows you to have access on what you already have at home and you no longer need to wander around the aisle wondering if you already have that item at home or not.

The Samsung Family Hub is definitely one of the best smart home gadgets in 2019.

In conclusion, these smart home products have made controlling everything from lights to temperatures easy. Do browse around, as there are many smart home product categories that you can check them out.

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