Liyanacollection's Practical Designs Shine on Shopee Live


Livestreaming Platform Becomes Key to Showcasing Practicality & Value

Shopee Live has become an essential tool for Liyanacollection, a local Muslimah fashion brand offering ready-to-wear designs with a custom-made touch. Founded by Norliyana Abdul Ghani, a self-taught designer passionate about functionality, Liyanacollection prioritises comfort and practicality for the modern Muslimah woman. Their clothes feature wudhu-friendly designs, discreet nursing zips, and high-quality, opaque materials that drape elegantly—all at affordable prices.

Integrating Shopee Live into Liyanacollection’s daily operations in 2021 proved to be a game-changer. During live streams, viewers get a front-row seat to the thoughtful details incorporated into each garment. Hosts demonstrate how cleverly hidden zippers on both sleeves allow for easy ablution and highlight the discreet nursing zips and other features that make these clothes perfect for everyday wear. This level of detailed, live interaction has been crucial for Liyanacollection's success. It allows customers to see the practicality and beauty of their designs in action, fostering trust and a loyal customer base.

Norliyana emphasises the power of transparency achieved through Shopee Live. “Transparency builds trust and loyal customers," she explains. "Shopee Live allows us to directly connect with our audience, showcase the quality and care in our designs, and answer questions in real-time. This builds trust and fosters a loyal customer base, which is what truly fuels our success. We take customer service very seriously, and positive shop ratings are important to us."

Shopee's features further enhance the experience for Liyanacollection. Viewers can take advantage of Shopee Coins and new follower vouchers, while the "orange bag" function allows them to instantly add items to their carts. Since integrating Shopee Live, Liyanacollection has seen a significant impact, particularly during peak seasons like Raya, where sales have doubled.

To stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, Shopee empowers Liyanacollection through continuous learning opportunities. The platform's focus on knowledge sharing and visibility of visitor data analytics allows the brand's team to keep up with trends and platform updates. "My business is 80% online, so I constantly update myself with new knowledge of the platform," says Norliyana. "Every week, my team has online classes to stay current." Shopee University offers free courses, providing a valuable resource for new sellers willing to invest in their success.

Through its success on Shopee, Liyanacollection has blossomed from a dropshipping venture into a thriving local business with a positive impact on the community. With nearly 30 employees, the brand empowers local seamstresses by employing them in their sewing factory in Alor Setar, Kedah. Offering around 50 designs, focusing on traditional and wedding attire, Liyanacollection celebrates cultural heritage while providing modern Muslimah women with stylish and practical options. With over 2000 pieces sold on Shopee, the LYC Beryna Brocade Kurung is the bestseller. The brand has established a loyal online community. Looking ahead, their plans to launch casual wear and tudung collections demonstrate their commitment to catering to a wider audience and remaining relevant within the online Muslimah fashion scene.

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