Colgate Inspires Optimism for Malaysians to #SmileStrongBersama


Colgate partners with Bunga, Jazz Tan, Juliana Adam and Heidy Quah to inspire positivity amongst Malaysians and build a future we can all smile about

Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia (Colgate) launched a new campaign, #SmileStrongBersama, focused on inspiring Malaysians to put optimism into action and spread positivity in order to create a better future that we can all smile about.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much upheaval and disrupted lives across the world, including Malaysia. Facing such uncertainties, Colgate believes that optimism is the best defence to create a better tomorrow.

At Colgate, we believe that everyone deserves a future they can smile about despite the circumstances. Colgate has been committed to taking care of healthy smiles for 145 years and today, more than ever, we want to give people more reason to smile through our #SmileStrongBersama campaign. This is the essence behind our campaign and this is why we are launching the campaign – to inspire optimism through action and spread positivity. Colgate believes that all Malaysians are empowered to smile, regardless of challenges as well as circumstances.

We are honoured to have these individuals who have championed optimism in their respective fields. They have shown us that Malaysians can smile in the midst of adversity and we want to further this spirit. With their support, we are confident that we can inspire Malaysians to look beyond their circumstances and extend a helping hand to the less fortunate, to build a better tomorrow for the nation.
See Mei Sin, Associate Director, Oral Care Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive, South Asean Hub


The campaign has also gained the support of Malaysian optimism champions such as Bunga, Malaysian rapper; Jazz Tan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YouthsToday; Juliana Adam, Chief Executive Officer of Biji-Biji Initiative; and Heidy Quah, Founder and Executive Director of Refuge For The Refugees.

The #SmileStrongBersama campaign launched is not only set to inspire Malaysians to take positive action. The campaign also aims to translate smiles into care packages that include basic oral care products. 

During the pandemic, while food, medicine and monetary aid are essential, oral care is also an important aspect of basic necessity. A healthy smile is important to overall health, where good oral hygiene can curb systemic diseases and other problems. An impaired oral health can affect quality of life, which includes loss of self-esteem that may affect social participation and job opportunities[1].

[1] A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles, Ministry of Health. Cited from:

At Colgate, we constantly innovate to find new solutions for dental issues, and we are well aware that many oral conditions are preventable through effective use of oral care products. However, for some, they do not have the privilege of purchasing them during a time such as this. The #SmileStrongBersama campaign presents an invaluable opportunity where Malaysians can help fellow Malaysians by joining the campaign and donating a smile. One optimistic act done by many can create a powerful ripple of change. Together, we can help the underprivileged community meet their basic oral needs.
See concluded

Colgate welcomes the public to join the #SmileStrongBersama campaign and put optimism into action through the steps below: 
1.    Head over to @colgate_malaysia on Instagram 
2.    Use the “Donate A Smile” filter in Colgate’s bio 
3.    Tag @colgate_malaysia before posting


The public is also encouraged to share this campaign with friends and family as every five smiles collected translate into one care package. To find out more about the #SmileStrongBersama campaign, head over to Colgate Malaysia’s official Instagram page at 

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